What is Data Enhancement?

Business and Management

Enhancement of data can be defined as the process of correcting or removing poor quality or incorrect data from a database or emailing files.

Such as the types of data that can be inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, or incorrectly formatted. It has been found that many databases contain incorrect data typing is out of date very quickly.

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Organize, and analyze documents

Organizations should review the accuracy and completeness of their database so that it can maintain the data quality and integrity of the data and here is when the Enhancement of data is required.

The enhancement of data usually requires the addition of additional data for your records. This data can provide additional customer insights that can help the customer profiling and understanding.

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Utilizing the benefits of Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement can give you a major consumer and business attributes and classifications that can be added to your customer file in zip code, business, household or individual level for further analysis, modeling and the data selection purposes.

By increasing your data with some of the following elements you can begin to analyze and segment your data for future marketing campaigns and business development strategy. There are a lot of enhancements of data to choose from such as,

  • financial information
  • fax number
  • Phone number
  • business locations
  • residential location
  • Additional contact name
  • employee
  • credit scores and more

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