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Google has just released Google Instant Search. What does this mean? Well, you may have already noticed it. When you start typing, instantly you will see results without having to click the Search Button. Lazy yes but Google have to be staying ahead of its game with other search engines. I reckon they just want to have the best of everything and fair play to them. This will basically save visitors to their search engine even more time as you will now be able to see results quicker than before.

Here is Google Instant Search in Action:

Does Google Instant Search affect SEO?

Google has answered this question already on Instant search and specifically says that nothing will change with the actual search results displayed. Now because Google uses auto-complete technology when you start typing it will give suggestions, so Good SEOs may want to adapt to these changes so that they are ranking for other search keywords similar to what their visitors might be searching for.

You may start to see higher impressions as people use Instant Search as you will naturally start appearing in peoples searches. You will be able to see this in Google Webmaster Tools or any other decent website Analytics.

Google has just published an explanation of how impressions will be counted with Google Instant:

  • the traditional count method – when your site is displayed in search results after a completed search
  • if the user begins to search and then clicks any link on the search results page, including an ad or “related search” suggestion
  • if the user stops typing and the search results appear for at least three seconds

For me I don’t think it will change the way I see results, yes they might be a bit faster but ultimately if I want to search for something then I will either type in all the word or words or auto-complete before I see the results I want. Only time will tell though and I’m sure I will find interesting stuff having a play with it. Like for example, it doesn’t work with rude or adult content keywords I’m sure many of you will now be typing this into google as we speak! Some novices out there may still need to look at the keyboard when they type. Some people might not even go to Google directly but use a Toolbar of some sort so may not notice this.

How are my PPC ads affected with Google Instance Search?

Google says ads are now being shown for predicted queries, and the ads will change as searchers continue to type.

Google continues to explain that ad impressions will only count in three situations (much like the organic impressions listed above):

  • the user clicks anywhere on the page after beginning to type a search query
  • the user chooses one of the predicted queries from Google Instant
  • the user stops typing and search results are shown for at least three seconds

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