The Famous Cities to Own a Penthouse

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If it is true that there is no place like home, it must be something spectacular. From the view of the crystal-blue sea and the desert oasis to the historic port and village, scenic skyline should not be limited to the mythical Land of Oz Not all the houses, however, are created equal.

This guide to the five exclusive cities to have a penthouse property with the intent to make you wonder are you dreaming? Either way, we're not in Kansas anymore. You can purchase an online apartment in upper west side luxury condominium via

Looking down the centuries-old architecture, gardens, parks, and of course, the edge of Boston, Back Bay area offers some of the best views in town, as well as the most exclusive properties.

It comes as no surprise that this area is home to the Old Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Prudential Center by skywalk famous observatory holds the title for the second tallest building in the city.

From the window of a tall building, your John Hancock tower rises above the historical monuments and sights as evidence for the durability of glittering one of the oldest cities in America as it enters the twenty-first century.

The famous neighborhood of Chicago Gold Coast is one of the most prestigious in the city, featuring two penthouse apartments and condominiums.

With former residents include the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Hugh Hefner, one can be sure that this area is never lacking for style, as evidenced in boutiques as well as the historical roots and design, or joy, found in dozens of nearby cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Of course, no address Chicago would be completed without a bird's-eye view of Lake Michigan just a few steps.

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