The Dos and Donts of Setting Up a Server Room

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It’s worth investing the time to plan and set out a server room, which should act as a safe and secure site for a network infrastructure. The risks associated with failing to properly design and maintain a server room can range from losing vital information, through to causing expensive damage to hardware. In this way, it’s important to set up your server room with a clear eye to how to make it as efficient as possible, while also avoiding some common mistakes that can turn small problems into more significant flaws. Some do’s and don’ts for setting up a server room consequently include: You can also visit this site to get more information about it.


Use a Dedicated Room

While it is possible to keep server cabinets in an office, with options available for noise proofing and reducing heat, it’s more practical to have a dedicated room where you can set up the right temperatures and conditions. At the same time, having a dedicated room can allow for the installation of cabling and ventilation devices in a large enough space to prevent hazards.

Get the Right Equipment

When setting up a server room, it’s important to tailor the right cabinets and racks to your space. This can involve stack-able server cabinets and data racks that can be compartmentalised and designed to suit the size of individual servers. Individual compartments with lockable cases in larger cabinets can also be set up to allow for space saving.

Invest in Environmental Monitoring

It’s crucial to have the right environmental monitors set up for a server room, which can detect and notify you if there are any sudden problems. These problems might range from a rise in temperature, or particularly high condensation levels, indicating a water leak. High-quality air conditioning units can similarly make it easier to avoid overheating.

Make a Server Room Secure

It’s worth making a server room accessible only to employees that are approved to adjust settings and install new hardware and accessories. Having a locked server room will also reduce the danger of accidental damage and theft of important data.

Check Health and Safety

Be careful about overloading a small room with too many servers, and always pick the right size cabinets for space. Particularly important to focus on is the separation between cables and server cabinets to allow for proper air ventilation, as well as making sure that cables don’t become tangled or wired through extension outlets.


Allow Too Much Static Electricity to Build Up

Having too much static electricity in a server room can present significant problems in terms of shorting out and damaging sensitive data. You can avoid this issue by raising racks and cabinets off the ground, and by insulating cables to prevent them from picking up a charge. Using plastic mats instead of carpets can also help to prevent static build up.

Forget to Check for Updates

Always be aware of any updates and alterations you might need to make to a server room, which can arise from having to expand a network to include more servers, as well as from updating cabinets and cabling to be more secure and able to transmit data more quickly.

Ignore the Potential for Cloud Storage

While having a dedicated server room on site is important, it’s also worth having a backup run through the cloud. This is particularly important if you’re faced with a scenario where servers get damaged and need to recover your data.

Let it Go Too Long Without Cleaning Your Server Room

Regular cleaning of a server room can help to prevent problems from increasing over time. Particularly dust and use anti-static cloths to reduce the potential for charging in dry areas, and use compressed air from time to time to clean out dust from within servers and cabinets.

Under-Spend on Cabinets and Racks

Investing more in high-quality server cabinets and racks will mean that you won’t have to replace them on a regular basis. Seek advice on the correct server cabinet for your server size, and particularly make sure that you have compatible cables and other accessories that can be quickly replaced in the event of problems.

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