The Automatic Pool Covers Checklist: 5 Essential Tips for Consumers

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Those who have a backyard pool need to seriously consider buying an automatic pool blanket. This device keeps the water free from leaves, twigs, and debris when the pool area is not used. They prevent evaporation and help maintain water heat, saving heating costs.

They are also an effective safety measure because they can help keep small children and pets from water. However, not all systems are the same. Remove the mystery of the buying process by following this important guide.

1. Choose System: Electric vs. Hydraulic

Although the electric and hydraulic pool cover is driven by an electric motor, the hydraulic version consists of some more complicated parts.

The hydraulic version is made with an extra-durable hose, making this system more expensive than its electrical counterpart. For consumers who adhere to a budget, an electric model might be the best solution.

If consumers are willing and able to spend extra money, a hydraulic system might be worth the investment. This type tends to operate more smoothly, especially with larger swimming pools.

This offers all drive fluids without the need for a clutch, and they do not need to be periodically lubricated, making it low maintenance.

Another advantage of having a hydraulic model is that there is no need to worry about power sources. Automatic electric pool closures require access to electrical outlets to avoid the inconvenience of additional cables.

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2. Consider the Built-in Pump Cover

A water pump will help drain standing water from the top of the cover. If you choose a model with this practical feature, the pump will automatically drain the collected water.

This eliminates the need for external pumps and manual labor. Most built-in pumps use sensors that detect standing water, activating the pump accordingly. When the cover is pulled, the pump will slide underneath silently.

3. Think About Wireless Connections

When considering the latest technologies and innovations, smart consumers might choose a system that includes a touch panel that supports WiFi. The addition of this high technology is connected to the home WiFi network. Utilizing this option allows people to receive notifications via their smartphone, using an existing wireless connection. When the homeowner is away from home, this feature can tell the person whether the cover is opened or closed, and notifies the person of unauthorized use.

4. Choose Cover or Bench to Become Wise

Some pool owners prefer to hide their automatic pool covers so that they do not become the focal point of the area. For this reason, hidden and deck-mounted options are usually available. A hidden mechanism is attached below the deck. Flush-mounted covers and bezel trims are a popular choice for hidden mechanism styles. Deck mounting options allow the mechanism to sit on the deck surface and be covered with special benches.

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