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Because of the nature of agriculture which requires intensive labor and time spent, many manual agricultural processes are mechanized to help save time and energy.

Over the years more and more automated processes have helped to alleviate hard work and ease the workload of farmers.

This is where agriculture or agricultural equipment comes in. There are various types of agricultural machines that can be found on the market today. Some machine categories are as follows:

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Machines such as row planters and seed drills are also classified below. Row growers help farmers plant seeds of several lines at a time, while seeds drill seeds and cover seeds with soil. Explore this link  to know more about the same. 


Machines that help farmers fertilize plants are called spreaders. When liquids such as pesticides and other chemicals are used in plants, the machines used are known as sprayers. This type of equipment helps disperse or distribute fertilizers and / or chemicals quickly on large areas.


When plants are ready to be harvested, a machine known as harvesters is used. Combining, for example, harvesting grains, picking and cleaning plants and even separating wheat. Other types of harvesters include peanut harvesters, potato harvesters, corn harvesters and more.


Tractors are the most important equipment on a farm because it helps transport all other agricultural machinery including trailers. These are available in various sizes to meet agricultural needs.

Many different types of machines are now available with some machines having very specific uses. Straw bales help collect the cut grass and tie it into neat bales. There is also a loader that helps move crops from one place to another.

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