How To Restore Your Roofing Tile?

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Each roof has a different level of dirt and hence, requires a different cleaning method. The easiest way is to use a high-pressure water blaster for rough surfaces. You can also use a hose or broom for a smooth surface.

To deal with things that are ingrained such as mushrooms and algae, you need to call tile roof repair experts for roof cleaning chemical. They apply chemicals deep into the pores and keep your roof healthy.

roof restoration

Painting corrugated iron roof

For new metal roofs, wash with degreaser to cancel the effects of fabrication and weathering of oil. For unpainted metal roofs, paint first with primer. Then give two layers of selected paint. The colour choice is entirely yours. But remember, bright colours reflect heat and dark colours absorb heat.

Spraying without air is the fastest roof painting method. Spray one meter wide and lower down. When finished, return to the top and repeat the whole process. You can also use rollers that are shaped like corrugated iron, but you still need to brush the joints because the rollers will not enter this area.

Even though some tile roofs are starting to look like new water purifiers, the paintings really revive them. In this case, you must complete it first and make sure you apply a lot of primers. After that, give two suitable layers of paint.

If you want to paint the tile roof, you can also use a brush, but it will take a long time. So it is advisable to rent a stuffy spray gun

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