How to Come Up with Niche Ideas?

Affiliate Marketing

How to come up with Niche ideas must be one of those top questions most Affiliate newbies want answering.

Many people will have different ways to find or think about new niche ideas, some will go very targeted and some more generic and work on building on it over time. I guess it boils down to a few things;

Can you make a quick buck from a very targetted popular niche with less time and effort involved?

This comes with its own challenges if you are hoping to rank in google, you will need to do your research here which could take more time than putting the site together. If the niche is too small or you don’t have an interest will it ever rank well if you cannot do the content for the site? Also are the domains for your chosen keywords going to be available.

Can you find a niche that is up and coming such as a pre-release or coming out soon?

1 example I found today was that no 1 in google for avatar DVD and has made record sales in the US already selling over 6.7 Million copies so far in only 4 days. I suspect most of these will have been online and pre-orders. Being ahead of the game could make that affiliate site a nice little earner.

Or do you go big and work at a Bigger Site but you may not make you money straight away?

Think you can beat the competition, the big players. Do you have something unique to offer or are you just going to throw up as much content as possible so it ranks and hope you get those clicks through to the merchants?

We here at Affiliate Project are always having meetings and the top topic of discussion is which direction do we take. We’ve only been doing this for over 14 months and have only worked on niche websites. We have learned lots along our journey and brought some good and bad domains, quite a few of our domains are undeveloped because of some of the reasons above such as having no interest, too generic, too competitive, not enough time. Try and think outside the box, do your research and try and do something you have an interest in.

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