How to Avoid Getting Bunions?

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Bunions inflamed, a painful and swollen lump at the base of the big toe joint that develops when the big toe continues to push toward the other toes, usually by means of endless narrow, ill-fitting and / or high heels. flat feet, knock-kneed posture, genetics, and even arthritis also contribute to bunion formation, which can mimic arthritis due to inflammation, redness and dull, aching pain involved.

As advances bunions, toe became more twisted and produce more pain, which can lead to limping and other joint problems in the ankle or knee. Bunions are quite common in the United States, with more than 1/3 of the women affected.  Learning how to avoid bunions will ensure toes and feet healthy. You can consult  top bunions specialist to get the best solution.

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Avoid shoes that are narrow. Most bunions happen to women who wear shoes that are too small for their feet.  Narrow shoes crowd the toes and significantly increase the risk of developing bunions. Changing to a shoe that has a wider toe box, better arch support and conforms to the shape of your feet can certainly help prevent bunions (if not completely stop their development), but will not correct the bunion already established. Think in terms of prevention, not correction.

To minimize the risk of getting a bunion, never force your feet into tight shoes that do not fit properly. For example, most the cowboy boots and some sandals swing back too pointy toe for most people.

Get fitted for your shoes with a shoe salesman at a later date because that's when your feet are at their largest, usually due to swelling and compression slightly arch your

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