Can The Side Effects Of Asthma Medications Make It Worse

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There are many types of medications that your doctor may prescribe to keep your child free of symptoms. Make sure that your child needs these medications as prescribed. They work every day to prevent future attacks. For severe attacks, cortisone steroid drugs are often used to reduce inflammation and aid in breathing. Steroid cortisone may be in the form of pills or inhalers.

When there is a drastic change in the conditions, take the child to the nearest emergency room for treatment. Your doctor is the best source to find out what was wrong. After a thorough examination, the physician may propose a management plan to treat more attacks. You can update with the asthma medications list with my medication log app.

Make sure that you watch your child's triggers that set off this attack. It may start with coughing or attack and turn into a more serious condition. Children in respiratory distress usually increase the pulse or breathing. The most common triggers are smoke, mold, animal dander and household chemicals.

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After you find a trigger as possible, keep a list and talk with your doctor. If you believe that your son or daughter in trouble, seek emergency medical care immediately. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because it is always best to err on the side of caution.

This chronic condition can only be diagnosed after a complete medical history, physical examination and other pulmonary tests. Medical treatment is prescribed in accordance with the child's age and severity of symptoms.

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