Best Things to do in Japan

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Japan competes against the very best destination in the world. There are tons of things one can do during a vacation in Japan that is going to force travelers to come back and visit again. From arcades to relaxing hot springs, tea ceremonies to futuristic skyscrapers, Japan is one of the finest countries in the world. Let’s see some of the best things you need to do during your time in this fantastic country called Japan.


  1. Consider a Night in a Ryokan –Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel. It is recommended to stay in a Ryokan for at least a night is that it gives a totally different experience compared to fancy-expensive hotels. The interior is minimalistic comprising of only a table and a chair. However, it is worth the stay.
  2. Consider Onsen – A must to do during your time in Japan is to get soaked in an Onsen. Onsen is the Japanese version of hot spring bath which is another way of getting your body completely massaged.
  3. Watch a Geisha Dance – Another must-to-do list in Japan includes watching a Geisha dance performed by Japanese dancers. The dancers are dressed in their traditional clothes called Kimonos and their performance is absolutely soothing.
  4. Watch Sumo Wrestling – The National sport of Japan is sumo wrestling giving you the perfect opportunity to witness giant wrestlers battling against one another to win a tournament. Make sure that you book your tickets in advance because it does get really crowded and the tickets get over very soon.

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