Affiliate Project Team Delve into the Discount Code Sector

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Here in Affiliate Project HQ, we’ve been putting a lot of our time into developing the next best discount code site. Is this the right decision? Well, only time will tell. We do think this is a risk to take in a market that is so competitive but could be a risk that will pay off, plus we’ve learned a lot along the way from doing this project.

We’ve improved on our website coding skills, how user experience is important and trying to structure the site for the best user experience. We’ve had lots of talks like ‘to reveal or not to reveal’ (codes that are!) and about how else we can make our voucher code site unique or better than any others out there. Some of these ideas are still under development and we’re keeping these to ourselves until we are ready to launch the additional features that our site will offer.

The challenge will be to keep going at it and competing with the likes of MVC and who have big teams behind them. Trying to rank is going to be a challenge and also managing PPC on potentially tens of thousands of keywords which will be a job in itself. Luckily enough there is 3 of us working on this site.

So I bet you Affiliates and other Voucher Code site owners will want to know what the site is called then.

Some key features:

  • Updated daily with codes and deals from over 500 merchants and climbing, we’ll hopefully list all merchants with voucher codes/offers in time
  • Click to reveal, users can see the code by hovering over the revealed box allowing for the click to be tracked
  • Dynamic Search so users can start typing and we’ll drop down a list of the merchants
  • Neat redirect page so it’s clear that visitors are being redirected to the merchant to use the code
  • Code changes on click so that the user can see instructions on how to use the code
  • Automatic expiring codes/offers when they reach their expiry date. The codes are also then turned grey to make it visible that there are no longer valid
  • Clear to see if it’s a code or offer, can sort by All, Codes, or Deals.
  • Category search to find all merchants within specific categories
  • Similar merchants when no codes are available for any specific merchant
  • Restaurant Codes section
  • RSS Feed for each Merchant
  • Newsletter Signup to receive the best codes and deals each week
  • Blog section with money saving tips, often written from personal experience
  • Best Price section so people can find the best price on popular products. Anyone can request a deal either on our Facebook page or from a request a deal section soon to come

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