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Affiliate Marketing

I’ve recently had some time off and a mates Stag does which was such a laugh seeing some old mates and the stag dressed up as Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Brüno. It was a nice time off Affiliate Stuff to clear my head and take a break, but it had me thinking of my family lots because I was missing my little kiddies and my wife. It also made me think about my work life balance.

When I came home to see my daughter getting all teary because I came home (she thought I wasn’t coming back) was so emotional and made me think that I don’t want her to get upset and miss her daddy again, so I’ve made up my mind that I never want to work away from home or work long hours. Now I know Affiliate Marketing can involve a lot of hours but at least at the moment, these hours are fitted around family life.

With the A4U expo event in London coming up, I was also thinking would it be good to go, but being away from home for another 3 days and also the expense at £399+vat I think I will give it a miss. I’m sure loads of Affiliates will say its well worth it. I’ve got to think about my family first and my children’s inheritance (thanks Theo Paphitis for this phrase!)

Affiliate Marketing can get addictive and I’ve seen quite a few Affiliate Blogs and Affiliates on A4U up at all hours but I don’t think it has to be like this. Look at Kirsty and John Lamerton going part time and outsourcing work.

Our goal is still the same and we are getting closer every day to where we want to be, which is earning enough money to cover our current full-time incomes but allowing the flexibility to spend more time with the family. We’ll face more challenges along the way I’m sure but its all good.

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