A Guide to Google Penguin Update Recovery


Google It penguins update all online business owners, which is to say that I had been upset SEO Company and Webmaster. Imagine this: Google penguin before updating your website at the top of the SERPs (search engine ranking pages). Penguin experience the top-rank condition, your site is on page 2 or 3, as well as a huge drop in Google traffic dropped – after all this of visitors to the site, as a result of the large reduction in losing a lot of business.

Because Google is a user-centered is one of these algorithms are updated constantly and easily search for users penguin algorithm update to provide better services to develop and. However, will make any penguin rule special reduced search engine ranking of a Web site that is not in accordance with the purpose of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Google Penguin mission of inbound links to a Web site and to determine whether these links have been manipulated. This system is unnatural if found, as well as links to Web sites and to reduce the rank of the website in SERPs automatic “operation” for the link to send a warning message will be.

In short Due to the drop in traffic and rankings updated, to determine whether you need to check carefully your website. The first thing you need to assess whether your website overusing keywords employs unnatural backlinks. Found more optimized your site you acknowledge your site and start cleaning up.

Google penguin recovery, but not impossible, it is going to take time. Update from the first step to recovery is for Google Warning “unnatural” link on the Web site to make sure.

1: to assess the link, you will find that the link is divided into three categories. Your website (you do not want to do anything, site) has no relevance to any site that does not link to low-quality connection provides. 2 One or two minor problems (such as a link causes too much) may be a good link. 3 Related site (things) to provide high quality links you are wise to keep.

For the low-quality links, the best course of action is to contact the owner and request removal. A request to the owner, a minor issue can change the anchor text to your site or brand mentioned how good link. You request removal is complete, and change right, people will help you on how many would be surprised.

After cleaning, your link is the time to start building a better site. Better link building campaign should be the first thing on your list. Repetitive keywords in the anchor text by using the following steps, remove duplicate content with unique content, and is a matter of practice changes. After you do all this, your site is on the road to recovery.

Penguins do not be surprised if you can not see the immediate effect the recovery takes time, remember. Ranking does not improve after a few weeks to focus on the reason for your site for a second chance, then the system should provide, you might be wise to send a reconsideration request to Google. Replies from Google would take a few weeks, so I was prepared to wait, but please

To clean the building and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, maintains a Web site that is really a tedious task – in addition, you If you are not technologically savvy. That can be recovered in this case Google penguin recovery package that provides the best way to hire the services of an SEO company experts.

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